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Dịch tễ học thực địa - Cục Y tế Dự phòng, Bộ Y tế - 2010
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Dịch tễ học cơ bản, WHO xuất bản lần thư 2 - 2006
Cuốn Dịch tễ học cơ bản ban đầu được viết nhằm tăng cường học tập, đào tạo và nghiên cứu trong lĩnh vực y tế công cộng
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A Pocket Guide to Epidemiology

Authors: Kleinbaum, David G., Sullivan, Kevin, Barker, Nancy

Publisher: Springer; December, 2006 - 284 pages

A Pocket Guide to Epidemiology is a stand-alone introductory text on the basic principles and concepts of epidemiology. The primary audience for this text is the public health student or professional, clinician, health journalist, and anyone else at any age or life experience that is interested in learning what epidemiology is all about in a convenient, easy to understand format with timely, real-world health examples


An Introduction to Epidemiology for Health Professionals


Authors: Olsen, J., Christensen, K., Murray, J., Ekbom, A.


Publisher: Springer 2010, 163 pages


Concise and written at a basic level, for student with no previous training in epidemiology

Applied Epidemiology - Theory to practice


Authors: Ross C. Brownson and Diana B. Petitti


Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book focuses on areas of public health practice in which the systematic application of epidemiologic methods can have a large and positive impact.


Basic Epidemiology, 2nd Edition


Authors: R. Bonita, R. Beaglehole and T. Kjellström


Publisher: World Health Organisation; Second Edition edition (February 26, 2007)


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Clinical Epidemiology: Practice and Methods


Authors: Parfrey, Patrick and Barrett, Brendan


Publisher: Humana Press 2009,

Environmental Epidemiology - Understanding Public Health


Edited by Paul Wilkinson


Publisher: Open University Press; 1 edition (March 1, 2006); 224 pages.

Epidemiology: A Very Short Introduction


Author: Rodolfo Saracci


Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; April 2010 - 144 Pages


Audiobook - Mp3; Au--ble, Inc. - 2011; 4 hrs 29 mins - 144.99 Mb

Epidemiology for the Uninitiated


Authors: by David Coggon, David Barker, Geoffrey Rose


Publisher: BMJ Books 2003

Epidemic Modelling: An Introduction


Authors: Daley D. J. and Gani J.


Publisher: Cambridge University Press; May, 2001.

Epidemiological Studies - A Practical Guide


Authors: Alan J. Silman and Gary J. Macfarlane


Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2004; 256 pages



Epidemiology and Biostatistics-An Introduction to Clinical Research


Editors: Kathryn L. Adeney and Noel S. Weiss


Publisher: Springer 2009

Field epidemiology, 3rd ed.


Edited by Michael B. Gregg


Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2008; 


 To describe the application of basic epidemiologic principles in real time, place, and person to solve problems of an urgent or emergency nature. Based on decades of experience in both infectious and noninfectious diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this book describes in clear and practical terms the distinct approach, tasks, and actions needed for successful field investigations.

Handbook of Epidemiology


Authors: Ahrens, Wolfgang and Pigeot, Iris (Eds.)


Publisher: Springer, 2005; 1639 pages

Modern Infectious Diseases Epidemiology - Concepts, Methods, Mathematical Models,and Public Health


Editors: Alexander Krämer, Mirjam Kretzschmar and Klaus Krickeberg


Publisher: Springer 2010

Outbreak Investigation Around The World - Case Studies in Infectious Diseases Field Epidemiology

Author: Mark S. Dworkin

PublisherJones & Bartlett Learning 2010

Rare Diseases Epidemiology


Authors: Posada de la Paz, Manuel; Groft, Stephen C. (Eds.)


Publisher: Springer 2010, 535 pages